The Development of A Cloud-Based University Research Repository Software Using A Configurable Subscription Model


  • Reynaldo G. Alvez Taguig City University, Taguig City, Philippines



With more research that is added every year of every school calendar, there is no doubt it becomes a file or stack of research hardbound resides on the library. These researches should not only settle on the shelves, making them electronically available as references, or to be cited are the ones it truly deserves. This paper emphasizes the need for a cloud-based research repository to be implemented in every University that can be utilized to serve its purpose. This research repository is based on an online publication and subscription model. Online publication provides reading sources via the internet in which is accessible and more convenient to most people. The repository will also adapt the concept of reconfigurability as the users may have their own preferences with regard to how they publish or subscribe to a paper. These would give them more options on deciding how they would publish and or avail paper references. Research that is within the repository that will be referenced, cited, or downloaded has the corresponding remuneration based on the approval of the University. In this way, more researchers will continue to provide more scholarly output to be published and to gain more citing, downloads, and eventually more remuneration. The repository has the potential to expand as more researchers will be turned in its service and would be beneficial to stakeholders. The respondents in this paper show the acceptability of the process, making them more likely to work in any educational institution. Moreover, as time progress, researchers and organizations would avail to use the software in accordance with their needs as well as the preferences of its user with the configurability of the software, thus providing a continuous educational-business process to all stakeholders. And with the current situation of the global pandemic, heterogeneous access to resources is all being sought.




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Alvez , R. G. (2022). The Development of A Cloud-Based University Research Repository Software Using A Configurable Subscription Model. Proceedings of The International Halal Science and Technology Conference, 14(1), 93–103.