Integrating of Voice Recognition Email Application System for Visually Impaired Person using Linear Regression Algorithm


  • Glenn Arwin M. Bristol Taguig City University- College of Information Communication and Technology Department



The outcome of this study will surely help visually impaired people who face difficulties in accessing the computer system. Voice recognition will help them to access email. This study also reduces the cognitive load taken by visually impaired users to remember and type characters using a keyboard. If this system is implemented, self-esteem and social and emotional well-being of the visually impaired users will be lifted up for they will now feel they are being valued in society and has fair treatment and access to technology main function of this study is to use a keyboard of the user that will respond through voice. The purpose of this study is to help a visually impaired person to use the modern application to interact with voice recognition systems with the use of email into different types of modern gadgets, Line computers, or mobile phones. In terms of functionality of the application, the proponents will use a set of APIs,' or Application Program Interface such as Google Speech-to-text and text-to-speech application and it will process through Email System and also the SNMTP or Simple Network Management Protocol will be used for mailing services, in programming software, the proponent will be using PHP for the backend of a web interface. For the creation of a Web Base UI, HTML and CSS will be used. Voice typing and Dictation Speech Interaction models using windows dictation engine. The proponent used a descriptive research design in this study. Descriptive research design is being used by the proponents to describe the characteristics of a population or phenomenon of visually impaired persons being studied. Descriptive research is mainly done because the researchers want to gain a better understanding of a topic. It focuses on providing information that is useful in the development. The research is based on a mixed method focused on producing such informative outcomes that can be used. Based on the results of the surveys, conclusions were drawn: The majority of the respondents were male adultery period ranging from ages 32-41.all are working as massage therapists. The majority of the respondents rated the overall function of the application as Excellent and rated the level of security of the application as Secured.




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Bristol, G. A. M. . (2022). Integrating of Voice Recognition Email Application System for Visually Impaired Person using Linear Regression Algorithm . Proceedings of The International Halal Science and Technology Conference, 14(1), 56–66.