Web-Based Platform for Don Bosco High School – Senior High School – Technical Vocational Education Track in Adoption of Hybrid Learning


  • Jinky B. Tumasis Taguig City University, Philippines




In the last two decades, the hybrid or blended learning paradigm has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional classroom instruction. This study, such elements associated with adopting blended learning addressed numerous results, implications, and possible future paths for Senior High School where Technical Vocational Education in the Philippines progressively interacts and develops with each other. This study aimed at developing a web-based platform or portal for DBHSP – Don Bosco High School Paranaque to resolve some classroom challenges such as conventional teaching, which is time-consuming, and the perennial lack of classrooms in public schools by providing additional/alternative teaching tools. To this end, this study further endeavored to determine the level of project effectiveness of the web-based portal in terms of the ISO 9126-1 software quality model main characteristics, namely: functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, and portability. The data processing was analyzed using Fourth Generation Techniques (4GT), dissemination of innovations, and Technology  Acceptance Model (TAM), which is an information system theory that describes how users come to embrace and use technology. According to the paradigm, when users are presented with new technology, a variety of factors impact their decision about how and when they will use it. Hybrid learning predates modern instructional technologies. The authors conclude that its evolution will be inevitably linked to current information communication technologies and an encouraging environment for technology adopters teaching academics in a senior high school – Technology Vocational Education that is simulating some aspects of human thought perception processes. To evaluate the effectiveness, the author contends that Hybrid Learning integrates access, progress, and students' impression of their learning environments. The research technique used descriptive and developmental methodologies, and the DBHS – Senior High School were purposefully selected to benefit from the web-based approaches to teach both on and off-campus learners.




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Tumasis, J. B. . (2022). Web-Based Platform for Don Bosco High School – Senior High School – Technical Vocational Education Track in Adoption of Hybrid Learning. Proceedings of The International Halal Science and Technology Conference, 14(1), 47–55. https://doi.org/10.31098/ihsatec.v14i1.485