Green Financing Scheme for Supporting Women in Energy Transition




Green financing, microfinance, sustainable financing, women entrepreneurs


This paper examines transitioning from a traditional capital system to a more modern and sustainable financing system. Green financing or green microfinance is one of the efforts to provide opportunities for micro-scale businesses initiated by women to start businesses in the energy sector. Green financing is considered part of financial inclusion, providing business financing schemes oriented towards ecological conservation values. This research considers the context of opportunities and potential obstacles women face in accessing green financing. A literature study was conducted to describe microfinance schemes by drawing closer to efforts to mainstream gender and efforts to transition to a more sustainable financial system. At least several stages need to be passed to transition the financial system toward a more gender-friendly and sustainable direction. First, it is important to socialize the awareness-raising program on green entrepreneurship for women more massively. Second, steps to develop the capacity of women entrepreneurs should be accompanied by preparing business proposals to apply for bank financing, which is part of financial literacy education. Business mentorship programs from the government for women who have micro-scale businesses are also needed. Such technical assistance interventions will be the beginning of preparation for micro-enterprises to start consistently opening a sustainable business. This paper finds that the green financing strategy will ultimately help transition business models that seek to integrate efforts to save the ecology with business schemes, including developing a gender-friendly sustainable business ecosystem.




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Dewi, N. N. C. L., & Wijanarka, T. (2023). Green Financing Scheme for Supporting Women in Energy Transition. RSF Conference Series: Business, Management and Social Sciences, 3(3), 264–270.