Causes of Leaks in the Main Engine Cooling Jacket MT. Mulia Karsa 2


  • Mustholiq Mustholiq Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang
  • Purwantono Purwantono Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang
  • Bayu Prasetyo Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang



Analysis; Leakage; Jacket coolin


Between the cylinder wall and the cylinder block is the cylinder block is an intermediary cooling device called the primary cooling jacket of the main engine system. Here, the cooling fluid is able to draw heat away from the cylinder wall and continue its circulation. Due to an issue with the jacket cooling of the primary engine system, ship operations had to be suspended for maintenance, prompting the current investigation. The study aims to pinpoint the reasons behind jacket cooling leakage in the main engine room and suggest viable countermeasures. Observation, interviews, and reviews of relevant literature are just a few methods used to gather information. The study took a descriptive, qualitative approach, using tools like SHEL and the fishbone diagram to analyze data. According to the results of this research, a lack of attention to the planning and maintenance system for the main engine, o-ring deterioration in the jacket cooling main engine system, corrosion of the cooling jacket, rust formation in the tank, suboptimal water preheating temperature, and a lack of maintenance all contribute to leaks in the main engine cooling system. Several variables contribute to the main engine's less-than-ideal cooling efficiency. The jacket cooling system damage system's o-ring or a leak in the jacket cooling system are two examples of these problems with the primary engine system. In addition, the primary engine cooler's cooling water jacket is subpar, and its circulation is subpar. In addition, the exhaust gas temperature from the main engine is inconsistent, and rising temperatures have not yet resulted in the engine's shutoff. The primary engine system performs maintenance at the specified intervals specified in the handbook to handle problems with jacket cooling leaks. O-ring and cooling jacket replacement, chemical dosing, water pH testing, and routine temperature checks are all part of the maintenance process.




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Mustholiq, M., Purwantono, P., & Prasetyo, B. (2023). Causes of Leaks in the Main Engine Cooling Jacket MT. Mulia Karsa 2. RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 3(1), 367–374.