Design of the Process of Ascending and Descending of Davits on Lifeboats Automatically


  • Amad Narto Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang, Indonesia
  • Karolus Geleuk Sengadji Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Farhan Ramadhan Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Semarang, Indonesia



Procedure, Process, Lifeboat Davits


The Davits on lifeboats is a tool for lowering a lifeboat where the lifeboat is a means of rescue when an accident occurs. A lifeboat is designed to save human lives in case of trouble at sea. A lifeboat generally refers to a vehicle carried by a larger ship for use by passengers and crew in an emergency. Researchers here use the RnD method, starting research at the time of marine practice on the MT ship. Fortune Pacific xlix, when researchers practice, researchers began to make observations of lifeboats and goddesses on board. Researchers began to make a frame of mind to design goddesses on lifeboats automatically. After that, researchers made skeleton designs of lifeboat goddesses and carried out mechanical and electronic designs. Researchers also tested mechanical and electronic devices after testing. Researchers began to find problems with goddess poles and ropes, then revised the product after revising the product. Researchers make product improvements. The process of making the design of the rise and fall of the goddesses on the lifeboat automatically through data collection methods in the form of observation, documentation, and data analysis methods begins with the design of the tool design in the form of the tool-making stage, trial stage, and evaluation stage and has been validated by Mr. Anang Budhi Nugroho M.Eng as a lecturer at the Semarang Shipping Science Polytechnic and in the process of making goddesses on the lifeboat automatically is also assisted by Nur Rokhim is a programmer who is currently carrying out education at UNNES. The suggestion for use in this design is not only to be applied to the system of rising and falling goddesses on lifeboats but can be applied to the shipping industry, which in its work intersects goddesses on lifeboats. Then the important process is to make an initial concept of the design model that will be made automatic by relying on electronics and mechanics on the tool.




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Narto, A., Sengadji, K. G., & Ramadhan, M. F. (2023). Design of the Process of Ascending and Descending of Davits on Lifeboats Automatically. RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 3(1), 140–144.