Traffic Safety Management to Reduce Foreigner Accidents


  • Aat Eska Fahmadi Lecturer, Automotive Technology Study Program, Polytechnic of Road Transportation Safety
  • Frans Tohom Lecturer, Engineering of Road Transport Systems study program , Polytechnic of Road Transportation Safety
  • Ima Natria Head of language Unit, Polytechnic of Road Transportation Safety



Bali, Characteristics, Foreigner, Management, Traffic Accident


The important parties must be concerned about Bali's high rate of accidents involving foreigners. One of the likely causes of the collision is the driver's personal component. Due to this, the purpose of this study is to describe the features of traffic accidents involving foreigners and determine the most effective safety measures to reduce such incidents. A quantitative descriptive method is used in this investigation. Simple random sampling with 90 respondents was the sampling strategy employed in this study. In-depth interviews and questionnaires were also used as data collection techniques. The findings indicated that some characteristics, such as drunk driving, going over the speed limit, infrastructure, running red lights, and operating a motor vehicle on icy roads when it is raining, are the main causes of traffic accidents involving foreign people. Furthermore, there were three approaches to traffic safety management according to respondents from the highest to the lowest percentage. The highest was traffic engineering (42%), education and training (30%), and law enforcement (28%).




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Fahmadi, A. E. ., Tohom, F. ., & Natria, I. . (2022). Traffic Safety Management to Reduce Foreigner Accidents. RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 2(2), 273–281.