A Study Of Design And Development of Cyber-physical Applications


  • Kuan-Chun Huang Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Chung Yuan University, Taoyuan
  • Xusheng Cui Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group Co. Ltd, Zhejiang




After several industrial revolutions, reducing production costs, improving product quality and production line efficiency in the manufacturing industry has always been the primary goal. In recent years, Industry 4.0 has set off a wave of revolution in the global manufacturing industry. How to effectively integrate intelligent manufacturing knowledges to solve different technical problems to meet manufacturing standards, and dramatically shortening time for development, has become one of the mainstream of research. The main purpose of this paper is to describe the development of a cyber-physical system to put together an interactive 3D industrial application in virtual world in which dynamic simulation in the control schematics in different technologies could be applied at the same time.  This approach cannot be only used in simulating, verifying the accuracy of the design of the entire project but the final layout could also be fine-tuned by receiving different feedbacks under different circumstances. One industrial application was introduced in this article that a virtual system created with the Unity 3D virtual engine co-simulate with detailed control schematics of sub-systems in order to test and validate the feasibility of optimizing the simulation parameters, realizing the operation scenarios and assisting the designers to discover possible problems of the equipment in advance.




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Huang, K.-C. ., & Cui, X. (2022). A Study Of Design And Development of Cyber-physical Applications . RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 2(1), 60–65. https://doi.org/10.31098/cset.v2i1.509