Implementation of Fuzzy Tsukamoto Algorithm for Registration Students


  • Rahmat Sulaiman ISB Atma Luhur
  • Laurentinus Laurentinus ISB Atma Luhur
  • Agustina Mardeka Raya ISB Atma Luhur



Information System, Fuzzy Logic, Database


Becoming a new student in junior high school requires a registration process from the elementary level. However, information on new student admissions has been documented manually, so there are difficulties and errors in determining grade and files of student document are often lost caused by the files is not archived properly. The purpose of this research is to model a computer-based new admissions information system using the Fuzzy Logic method and this system purposed to assist officers in dealing with the obstacles faced in conducting the selection of new student admissions, however by the information system that has been made, it is expected to solve  problems related to the admission of new students. The modeling of this new admissions information system uses the Fuzzy Logic method, which consists of the stages of system design, database design and fuzzy logic design. The results of the system application test can be seen that the system application on the system of implementing the Fuzzy Tsukamoto algorithm on New Student Admissions for Junior High School can carry out the process properly and correctly. Tests are also carried out on the rules of Fuzzy Logic that have been made to find out whether the system can work properly and correctly.




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Sulaiman, R. ., Laurentinus, L., & Raya, A. M. . (2021). Implementation of Fuzzy Tsukamoto Algorithm for Registration Students. RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 108–118.