The Concept and Practice of Green Building in Denpasar, Bali`s Commercial Buildings


  • Dion Eko Prihandono Institut Desain dan Bisnis Bali



Green Practice, Green concept, Green Building, Sustainable Building, Commercial Building


Green concepts and practices develop, along with awareness of the sustainability of the surrounding environment. Even though the concept of green has been understood correctly, all of them sometimes experience obstacles in green practice. Denpasar Municipality as one of the cities in Indonesia that has green building regulations is required to implement these regulations properly. This study aims to investigate the concepts and practice of green buildings in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia. Descriptive qualitative research methodology with semi-structured interviews with ten participants and observation of five selected buildings. Then the data were analyzed using the content analysis method. The analysis found that all participants well understood the benefits of the green concept. This study's conclusion is needed to apply a deeper understanding of the benefits of green practice so that there is integration from concept to practice. Therefore, it is advisable for related parties, such as consultants, contractors, project managers, green building boards, suppliers, owners, and governments to increase knowledge, apply technology, control, and monitor green building policies.




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Prihandono, D. E. . (2021). The Concept and Practice of Green Building in Denpasar, Bali`s Commercial Buildings. RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 96–107.