Securing Data Network for Growing Business VPN Architectures Cellular Network Connectivity


  • Hillman Akhyar Damanik Budi Luhur University



VPN, SSTP, PPTP, EoIP, Network Automation, Zabbix, Service Level Agreement


Private networks allow organizations to leverage, customize and dedicate LTE network capabilities to their own service needs. These networks are controlled and managed locally and can be optimized for specific network services and applications. Often they are used because there may be gaps in coverage where there is no cellular connectivity. Enterprises and businesses running on light application systems, using small bandwidth and requiring fast deployment such as ATMs, vending machines, digital signage kiosks and small store branches We propose a method and concept and implementation, in the form of a Data Network Security Configuration For Business Growth VPN architecture Mobile Network Connectivity for various businesses. By implementing products and services by developing the configuration and model of VPN Tunneling Protocol rules, using the EOIP Protocol and SSTP Protocol methods and virtualization schemes using the VLAN Bridging method on Wide Area Network (WAN) network connectivity. This method takes advantage of the LTE features found on the RB751U-2hnd and then integrates Huawei Mobile Broadband LTE. We also present a general Service Level Agreement (SLA) and an open source tools-based SLA network system Zabbix. Then configure the VPN Tunneling Protocol and its features on the RB751U-2hnd using Paramiko Network Automation. The focus of the results of this research is that by utilizing the available tools we will build a VPN with system monitoring facilities with the results achieved are network performance and availability and show that the design we build can be used for private connections for growing businesses. the results obtained from testing for 1 month for the 3 providers used, for the average throughput value with VPN tunneling applied TSEL 14.2 Mbps, ISAT 13.9 Mbps and XL 13.5 Mbps. The SLA value obtained is based on acceptable criteria, TSEL 91.5%, ISAT 91.8% and XL 90.6%.




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Damanik, H. A. . (2021). Securing Data Network for Growing Business VPN Architectures Cellular Network Connectivity. RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 14–20.