Smart Fish Farm Based on IoT As Monitoring to Reduce the Number of Death in Guppy Fish


  • Junaedi Junaedi Budi Luhur University
  • Wendi Usino Budi Luhur University



Internet of Things (IoT), guppies, Smart FIsh Farm, Fuzzi Logic, Microcontroller, Arduino, Thingspeak, MitApp


During the transition from dry season to rainy season or vice versa, very high temperature fluctuations often occur, causing large number of deaths in guppy fish farming. The death of this guppy fish is also triggered by water conditions that are not maintained. Therefore, a system that can monitor water conditions in real time without being limited by distance, and that can cope the drastic temperature changes is needed. If water conditions can be monitored in real time, of course, the guppy fish in aquarium or tank will become healthier, well-maintained and will produce the best quality guppy fish. For this reason, the researcher makes a system that is able to monitor the condition of water in the aquarium to reduce the number of deaths in guppies. The researcher conducts trials using Fuzzy Mamdani method of three input variables from water temperature sensor, pH sensor and turbidity sensor which defuzzification result shows crips output value at 44.63. That result puts water condition in “Fair” level, and when it is matched with the calculation result of matlab r2013a using Fuzzy Mamdani, the result is 44.8 which is not far different. The result of this study is a smart fish farm system that can monitor water conditions in aquariums or tanks, such as: feeding time, checking and controlling temperature, monitoring water pH, monitoring water turbidity levels, lights control that can automatically turn on and off with room lighting indicators, and drain when the water is turbid. This smart fish farm system is made with an Arduino microcontroller that is connected to the internet based on Internet of Things (IoT) and the Mamdani Fuzzy Logic method. This smart fish farm system can also store records with platforms from Thingspeak and MitApp for the mobile applications making.

Author Biography

Junaedi Junaedi, Budi Luhur University

Information Technology Faculty




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Junaedi, J., & Usino, W. (2021). Smart Fish Farm Based on IoT As Monitoring to Reduce the Number of Death in Guppy Fish. RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 1–13.