Application of Sheep Urine Fermentation and Biochar Coconut for Growth Vegetables Plant


  • Susila Herlambang Department of Soil Science Faculty of Agriculture, UPN “Veteran”Yogyakarta
  • Danang Yudhiantoro Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
  • Indriana Lestari Chemical Engineering Department, UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Muammar Gomareuzzaman Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Mineral Technology, UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta



The Covid-19 pandemic to date has had an impact on all sectors of life in society, which is the provision of food sources by society. Various efforts have been made to the fulfillment of food needs in the community can fulfill as they should so that food security can be realized during this pandemic. This research was conducted so that the community can fulfill their needs, especially food needs by utilizing waste, especially solid, and liquid waste and increasing the productivity of food crops to increase the fulfillment of community needs. This research was conducted applied soil ameliorant coconut biochar at coastal soil Samas beach. After that application sheep urine fermentation for add nutrient in the soil. The stages of carrying out this research include: taking soil samples, preparing materials for making biochar and urine fermented for fertilizer, nursery pakcoy, preparing planting media, soil ameliorant coconut shell biochar, transferring pakcoy seeds, maintaining and administering urine fertilizer treatment to planting media, and plant vegetative observations. The result application was added material both biochar and sheep urine fermented. It was mixed media can repaired root area in the soil and increase avaibility of nutrient for supporting growth of stem height, account of leaves, length, width, and color of the leaf with the application of coconut shell biochar dosage 15 tons per hectare mixed treatment sheep urine 100 ml per liter of water was best treatnment. It can good growth pakcoy plants. and Its benefit from a relatively short period, and It can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers that It can cause environmental degradation




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Herlambang, S., Yudhiantoro, D., Lestari, I., & Gomareuzzaman, M. (2022). Application of Sheep Urine Fermentation and Biochar Coconut for Growth Vegetables Plant. RSF Conference Series: Engineering and Technology, 1(1), 238–243.