The WHO Active Aging Pillars and Their Relationship with Quality of Life in Older Adults Indonesian


  • Lili Indrawati Universitas Respati Indonesia
  • Asvi Retty Nurgusmy Yerly Asir Universitas Indonesia
  • Dinni Agustin Universitas Respati Indonesia
  • Tri Suratmi Universitas Respati Indonesia
  • Tri Budi W Raharjo Universitas Respati Indonesia



Participation, Security, Quality of Life, Elderly


One of humanity’s outstanding accomplishments is population aging, with the elderly offering valuable resources and significantly contributing to the structure of our societies. Concurrently, this aging population poses enormous challenges, as it needs more significant economic and social requirements. This research aims to consider active aging factors to increase the quality of life of older people. The research design was qualitative and quantitative analysis with cross-sectional for the case studies and evaluations in three areas of active aging by collecting data through interviews, focus group discussions with the elderly, caregivers, and direct observation. Geriatric assessment instruments of the Geriatric Division of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) were used for diagnosis. EQ-5D index score Indonesia version was applied to measure the quality of life, with 0,692 cut-off points for the low and high. From the study results, it was found that routinely carrying out health checks, being grateful, social activities, cooperation, and participating in/out of the environment is significantly related to the quality of life of the elderly. In addition, occupational status and the number of illnesses are also significantly related to the quality of life, while cognitive function tends to be significant. Physical participation, social participation, and experience of falling were significantly correlated with quality of life. Health check-up behavior was also significantly correlated with health quality of life. Based on the resulting study, it is recommended for future studies would be better if they could cover social security, including pensions, as pensions are the most essential source of security that will directly affect the welfare of the elderly.




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Indrawati, . L., Asir, A. R. N. Y., Agustin, D., Suratmi, T., & Raharjo, T. B. W. (2023). The WHO Active Aging Pillars and Their Relationship with Quality of Life in Older Adults Indonesian. RSF Conference Proceeding Series: Medical and Health Science, 2(1), 72–80.