Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nanoemulsion Attenuated Inflammatory Response in LPS-Induced Sepsis


  • Anna Surgean Veterini Airlangga University
  • Nancy Margarita Rehatta Airlangga University
  • Subijanto Marto Soedarmo Airlangga University
  • Heni Rachmawati Airlangga University
  • Widjiati Widjiati Airlangga University
  • Widodo Jatim P Airlangga University
  • Annis Catur Adi Airlangga University
  • I Ketut Sudiana Airlangga University




Olive oil, Nanoemulsion, Nano nutrition, Enteral nutrition, Translational nutrition research, Sepsis


The provision of nutritional components in critical illness such as sepsis remains a big issue in clinical application, particularly through oral route due to intestinal integrity damaged-associated absorption problem. The aim of this research was to develop an EVOO nanoemulsion as a nutrient carrier to improve its permeability while maintaining intestinal mucosa integrity in a mouse model of LPS-induced endotoxemia. EVOO nanoemulsion was prepared by using the ultrasonication-mild agitation method. EVOO nanoemulsion (1.5 mL) was administered to the mice via an orogastric tube. The effect of EVOO nanoemulsion was evaluated by assessing the histopathological alterations in the lung, measuring the activation of NF?B-p65, the levels of circulating SP-D, TNF-?, IL-8, and IL-10. The main result, EVOO nanoemulsion decreased circulating SP-D level after 24h. In conclusion, EVOO nanoemulsion is a promising carrier to improve nutrient absorption and decrease circulating SP-D as an organ injury biomarker.




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Veterini, A. S. ., Rehatta, N. M. ., Soedarmo, S. M. ., Rachmawati, H. ., Widjiati, W., P, W. J. ., Adi, A. C. ., & Sudiana, I. K. . (2021). Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nanoemulsion Attenuated Inflammatory Response in LPS-Induced Sepsis. RSF Conference Proceeding Series: Medical and Health Science, 1(1), 135–145. https://doi.org/10.31098/cpmhs.v1i1.278