The Correlation between Anxiety and Insomnia Levels to Families of Health Workers during COVID-19


  • Noripansyah Noripansyah Postgraduate of Human Resource Development, University of Airlangga
  • Lily Nabila Amar Health Office



COVID-19, anxiety, insomnia, health workers


There are 5,197 positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Banjarbaru. It is known that the COVID-19 pandemic causes essential problems related to basic needs such as economic, social, shelter and nutrition, as well as the physical effects of the disease. Not only health workers but also families of health workers experience psychological pressure. In a preliminary study, it was found that the family feel worried and anxious about their families members who work in a hospital to take care of patients. This research aims to investigate the correlation between anxiety levels and insomnia in family members of health workers at Idaman Hospital, Banjarbaru, during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research uses a Cross-Sectional approach using social media with the google form platform taking 125 correspondence as a sample. The research instrument used the DASS-21 and Insomnia Severity Index. The data were analyzed using the SPSS program, with the Spearman rank correlation test working by testing the associative hypothesis of two ordinal scale variables (ranking). A total of 70.4% of family members of health workers at Idaman Hospital Banjarbaru have a very severe level of anxiety. In addition, 46.4% of the families of health workers at Idaman Hospital Banjarbaru experienced severe insomnia. The correlation for state anxiety-insomnia is 0.846 with a p-value = 0.000 (p < 0.05). This indicates that the two variables have a significant relationship with moderate correlation strength. The direction of the positive correlation indicates that these two variables move in the same direction, meaning that the higher the anxiety, the higher insomnia is experienced. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the population was limited. It is necessary to conduct further and comprehensive research on the psychological impact on family members of health workers. It is very limited to find research that examines the psychological condition of the family of health workers because, as we know, that not only affects the health workers themselves, but the family also experiences psychological impacts.




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Noripansyah, N., & Amar, L. N. . (2021). The Correlation between Anxiety and Insomnia Levels to Families of Health Workers during COVID-19. RSF Conference Proceeding Series: Medical and Health Science, 1(1), 1–8.