Human Resource Development on The Technical Competence of Middle Manager and Employees in The Era of Globalization: A Literature Review




Development, Human Resource, Competencies


The development of globalization triggers the important role of human resources in organizations. Human resources was a concern and an important issue for the existence of the organization, including middle managers, to manage the capacity building process. Humans have to adapt, be competent, and have a competitive advantage because of globalization's demand, so the organization must improve human resource competencies through learning in order to face globalization. Competence refers to the characteristics that underlie behavior that describe the motive, personal characteristics, self-concept, value, knowledge, and skills of someone who is a superior performer. The competencies were defined there are self-competence, team, changes, communication, and ethics. The study aimed to analyze the global human resource development process, especially for middle managers who are responsible in terms of capacity building programs. The study design used a literature review for the last five years' article publication. PRISMA diagram was used for article selection for the title, abstract, full text, and methodology of the articles. The keywords there are Development AND Human AND Resource AND Competencies. The five databases are Scopus, Google Scholar, ProQuest, PubMed, and Science Direct. The period of article publication included is between 2019 to 2023. Data analysis used the descriptive approach. The 15 articles were selected for this literature review. Manager and leadership: Performances management, building a performance culture, competency-based superior performance, and then competencies related to finances, leadership, and communication. The other side also indicated the competencies related to the technical, strategic, and team building professional. Otherwise, the networking aspect results in an organization with effectiveness, transformational leadership, and supervision. Staffing: Productivity, adaptability and flexibility, employee performance, cognitive ability and density of work experience, continuous learning, quality of work life, competitive advantage, work discipline, Work motivation Based on the above literature review, we concluded that more articles were detected and discussed about the manager and leadership development and staff development to increase the competencies in the work.




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