Lipstick as Female Students Visual Communication Strategy




Lipstick, Colour, Symbol, Semiotics


Symbolism through colouring is commonly used in various social communications because colour is significant for representing ideas, feelings, emotions, beliefs, as well as spirituality. Colour gives character to objects as well as aboutness, including the colour of lipstick on someone's lips. This descriptive-qualitative study using in-depth interviews explored how female students at the Al-Azhar University of Indonesia (UAI) represented particular meanings through their choice of lipstick colours. This research was conducted objectively and avoided gender bias. The research found that even though semiotically not know the associative or connotative meaning of certain colours, the informants admitted to using lipstick for various reasons, namely for the face to look bright and fresh, being more confident and prettier, showing their natural beauty, and displaying the cheerful impression. However, the analysis proved that after taking a closer look at the ten lipstick colour choices that have been reviewed, the subconscious message they want to convey is quite complex, ranging from optimism, cheerfulness, joy, modesty, warm, wanting to be the centre of attention, femininity, passion and love, to sensuality.




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Hadiyansyah, D., Bawarti, E., & Ulfa, M. (2023). Lipstick as Female Students Visual Communication Strategy. RSF Conference Series: Business, Management and Social Sciences, 3(2), 1–8.