Are the Competency-Based Risk Management Certificate Holders Ready for Change? A Descriptive Study of Readiness for Change


  • Chintya Shafira M CyberWhale
  • Ita Nurmanti Manurung Aether Research Group
  • Raisa F. Aini LSP MKS
  • Wytla N. R. Atmaja LSP MKS



Organizations need to make effective changes to address VUCA conditions to survive and be sustainable. The readiness of members of the organization to make changes plays an essential role in ensuring the effectiveness of organizational's change. As a member of an organization, the risk management certificate holder is expected to be capable of ability and psychologically ready for organizational changes in implementing risk management. This study aims to provide empirical evidence regarding the readiness of competency-based risk management certificate holders to make changes, especially to implement more mature risk management in organizations. This study used a quantitative descriptive approach with a survey method. The survey was conducted online using a self-administered questionnaire modified and adapted from the Organizational Readiness for Implementing Change measurement tool. The sample in this study focused on individuals who have a general competency-based risk management certificate—the sampling technique conducted by convenience sampling technique. Regarding data analysis, the researcher used descriptive statistical analysis. This study indicates that 54.5% of competency-based risk management certificate holders have a high level of readiness compared to individuals in their group. It shows that risk management certificate holders have high readiness to make changes to implement risk management in their organization. The findings of the two dimensions also form the variable, namely, change commitment and change efficacy. The results show that the competency-based risk management certificate holders' change commitment impacts their readiness to make changes than their change efficacy. It indicates that the certificate holders have a higher share resolved to pursue the action than their shared belief in the collective capabilities to organize and execute the change in the organizations. From the findings of this study, organizations can develop strategies to further increase the confidence of their shared capabilities in organizations, especially for individual risk management certificate holders, so that the effectiveness of changes made by the organization in implementing risk management will be higher.




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M, C. S., Manurung, I. N., Aini, R. F., & Atmaja, W. N. R. (2021). Are the Competency-Based Risk Management Certificate Holders Ready for Change? A Descriptive Study of Readiness for Change. RSF Conference Series: Business, Management and Social Sciences, 1(5), 66–73.