Practical Leadership: Learning from Great Rulers in Histor


  • Jennifer Operio School of Business and Accountancy, Holy Angel University



ancient, history, values, character


This paper examines the applied principles and leadership styles of great ancient men in the light of the Bible as the Word of God. Practically speaking, scholarly literature in leadership and management lacked attention to studying biblical figures as leaders. The author utilized secondary analysis of qualitative information from documented life stories of renowned leaders in human history. This paper uses qualitative content analysis to evaluate patterns of famous ancient leaders' styles in leading their subjects. With content analysis, the author is obliged to read and re-read the text, specifically the Bible as the main source of data and focusing on the specific timeline of the ancient world.  The scope and limitation of this paper cover only the discussion on the prominent historical people, specifically Biblical characters and does not include the current leaders of our time. This paper hopes to bring back the basics on leading people worth emulating by modern-day leaders. It explores the successes and failures of these ancient leaders that shaped history and even world cultures.




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Operio, J. . (2021). Practical Leadership: Learning from Great Rulers in Histor. RSF Conference Series: Business, Management and Social Sciences, 1(2), 30–35.