The Role of Transformational Leadership in Community Empowerment in the Digital Business Era


  • Hastho Joko Nur Utomo
  • Eny Endah Pujiastuti
  • Rifki Indra Perwira
  • Heru C. Rustamadji



Transformational leadership, Community development, Digital Business, Market place, Story Marketing


The role of transformational leadership in digital business still requires more in-depth research. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the role of transformational leadership in the recovery of the home industry in the region or society based on community empowerment and digital business. This study used a qualitative approach using observation and an in-depth interviewer. This research was conducted in a public organization, namely RW 13 Kelurahan Panembahan, Kraton DIY District. The results showed that the role of leadership in running and supporting public organizations (RW) through digital business transitions is very important to restore the economy of society in general and the home industry in particular. The contribution of this research is to enrich the literature that examines transformational leadership in the context of digital business and community empowerment. Suggestions for further research are to do more research on transformational leadership in digital business development for both business organizations and public organizations.


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