Research Culture and Productivity Improvement Through Online Journal System Development and Optimization


  • Dyah Rini Ratnaningsih
  • Boni Swadesi
  • Ristiyan Ragil Putradianto
  • Anisa Novia Risky



OJS, research culture, writing productivity


The research conducted by lecturers and students at a university has a strong correlation with the quality of the institution. Unfortunately, the culture of writing and researching is still far from expectation.  Meanwhile, some departments in the institution still manually collected the articles from the lecturer or researchers that takes big effort and time to produce a single volume of the journal. This research was conducted to improve research culture in the Petroleum Engineering Department by optimizing a well-known online submission system called Open Journal System (OJS) that has been used in several departments. OJS is configured and optimized based on lessons learned from existing journals so that it could ease the lecturers to submit and the reviewers to examine the articles. The methodology in this research includes identifying existing problems and constraints, creating questionnaires that were distributed to lecturers and students, analyzing the results of the questionnaire and the obstacles, developing and introducing this system to students and lecturers. From the questionnaire result, some problems were identified and subjected to be solved. At the end of the research, the lecturers gave good feedback to the online journal system for its simple view and easiness of publication.


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