Social Media Marketing, Electronic Word of Mouth, and its Effect on Purchase Decision Process on The Warunk Upnormal Consumer


  • Farah Oktafani Telkom University
  • Nadya Novandriani K.M. Telkom University
  • Marheni Eka Saputri Telkom University
  • Trisha Gilang Saraswati Telkom University



Electronic Word of Mouth, Social Media Marketing, Purchase Decision Process.


There Warunk UpNormal uses a variety of promotional strategies, including through social media. Warung UpNormal target market is the millennial segment, which is the largest segment in Indonesia's current demographic structure. Therefore, through social media, Warunk UpNormal establishes intense marketing communication with its target market. The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of social media marketing and electronic word of mouth on a purchase decision process in Warunk UpNormal. A quantitative research methodology was used for the purpose of this research, and the data were collected from 400 customers of Warunk UpNormal who have seen social media and read reviews provided by Warunk Upnormal. The study finds that customers responded positively to Warunk UpNormal social media content, and they have engagement with Warunk UpNormal through social media. Contrary to expectation, the findings showed that both social media marketing and electronic word of mouth has positives but insignificant effect on the purchase decision process. The finding of this study contributes to an understanding of the selected factors in affecting the customer decision process in Warunk UpNormal.


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