How Does Hybrid Project Management Create Value for Telecommunication Industry?


  • Wu Kuo-Wen Feng Chia University



Hybrid project management, Agile project management, Create value


The advent of smartphones and the emergence of instant messaging software have changed the ecology of the telecommunications industry, which has also led to a decrease in the profits of telecommunications companies year by year. In the face of the new generation of consumer groups with changing needs, Telecommunications operators have continued to improve their core capabilities. How to accurately grasp the needs of customers and respond quickly is one of the key capabilities for companies to create new opportunities. This paper discusses the operation of the three project management modes based on the improvement of the network service. It summarizes the way the project is carried out and its benefits analysis through the field research od and then uses the empathy analysis tool to make the project colleagues think in perspective and deeply understand the customer's pain points can also modify the function of the product (service) from customer feedback. The study found that if the hybrid project management model can be used well, in addition to speeding up the solution of customers’ network usage problems, it can also reduce unnecessary high network construction costs, which is a way of generating high value for both the company and customers project management model.


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