Study for the Key Success Factors of Female Direct Selling Business


  • Fang Shin Lin Feng Chia University



female entrepreneur, gender role, personality traits, erotic capital, direct selling business


The purpose of this study is to understand the key factors which result in the success of female direct selling businesses. Investigate the reasons why women support most of their performance in the direct selling industry. According to the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission's 2018 direct selling industry survey report, the total direct selling of Taiwan in 2018 was 83.027 billion NTD, with a total of 3.0838 million distributors. There were 2.158 million female distributors, accounting for 3.083 million total distributors. It is a proportion of 69.99 percentage points, an increase of 1.67 percentage points compared with 2017. This proportion is also comparable to 74% of global distributors is female, calculated by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations(WDSFA)! The number of female distributors is more than twice that of men. The proportion is getting higher and higher! In the literature review, issues such as “female enterpriser” related literature and “gender roles” and “personality traits," “erotic capital” in the “direct selling industry” have been used as the main resource axis for collecting relevant domestic and foreign literature. Based on the literature summary and the expression of the expert's intention, the expert questionnaire will be based on the professors and the female distributors who have been in the top direct selling companies in Taiwan for more than two years in 2018 to find indicators of success factors, and then use the Analytic Hierarchy Process Method (AHP) Design a general questionnaire. The general questionnaire is for the distributors in Taiwan. Expected to recover 100 copies in the web questionnaire, After obtaining the resources, it will be processed and analyzed. The research results show that the influence facets and factors may have: Female Entrepreneur, Gender roles, Personality Traits, and direct selling business. In particular, the female gender role play and erotic capital may have a greater impact on the results of operating the direct selling business. The study includes the following topics are understanding the background of the female direct selling entrepreneurs, explain the challenges and difficulties of female direct selling entrepreneurs, relevant resources related to female direct selling entrepreneurs and research on the key success factors of female direct selling business.Today, female entrepreneurs are very hard and required to play multiple roles. Between family and business, how do female entrepreneurs make a good performance? I hoped that through this study, key factors could be identified in order to minimize entrepreneurial risks and allocate resources effectively.


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