Empowering Higher Education Students: Enhancing Self-Regulated Learning through LMS Implementation


  • Damar Fatika Sari Universitas Sebelas Maret
  • Agus Efendi Universitas Sebelas Maret
  • Sri Sumaryati Universitas Sebelas Maret


Academic Writing, Higher Education, LMS, Self-Regulated Learning (SRL)


The purpose of this study is to prove and examine how to improve students' SRL skills through the implementation of LMS. The Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most popular e-learning platforms. The effect of using LMS in education is to strengthen students' self-regulated learning (SRL). SRL is an individual's awareness to actively participate in organizing, controlling, and managing their own learning process. There are three aspects, might enhance students' SRL in terms of SRL aspects such as metacognition, motivation, and behavior. The research method used is descriptive-qualitative research on SPADA LMS. 80 students who utilized the LMS for learning were observed and interviewed by the researcher. The motivation aspect is proven by the grades; indirectly, this will motivate students to study well and get the appropriate grades. LMS also provides learning progress monitoring, allowing students to monitor their learning progress. The behavior aspect of SRL is implemented in the LMS with a deadline feature that forces students to work on assignments according to a predetermined time. This will force students to practice discipline and manage their time well. The metacognition aspect has been applied in LMS through assignment, discussion, and quiz features that force students to be responsible when performing activities given by lecturers. The results concluded that LMS has a positive contribution to enhancing students' SRL. By using LMS, students can manage their own study time and study strategy. This research indicates that if we want to achieve SRL, all aspects of SRL must be well fulfilled. This study has implications for all academics, learners, and institutions that have adopted LMS, particularly the institutions under study. The limitations of this study only focus on the role of LMS and factors that influence students’s SRL, especially at the higher education level in related universities.




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Sari, D. F., Efendi, A., & Sumaryati, S. (2024). Empowering Higher Education Students: Enhancing Self-Regulated Learning through LMS Implementation. Proceeding of the International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research for Sustainable Innovation, 1(1), 507–513. Retrieved from https://proceeding.researchsynergypress.com/index.php/icmrsi/article/view/838