Anteseden of Competitive Strategy and Implications for Improving MSMEs' Performance


  • Nana Triapnita Nainggolan Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Sultan Agung
  • Darwin Lie Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Lora Ekana Nainggolan Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Sultan Agung
  • Fitria Halim Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Sultan Agung


Go-Digitalization, Transformational Leadership, Competitive Strategy, MSME Performance


The development of the tourism sector contributes to economic growth in Indonesia. This can be seen from visitors to Indonesian tourism objects experiencing an increase after Covid-19 occurred, especially after Indonesia hosted World Tourism Day. The purpose of this study is to be the basis for MSMEs in the Tourism and Creative Economy Sector of Samosir Regency in increasing the number of visitors to travel through the implementation of competitive strategies and the use of digitalization as well as understanding the importance of transformational leadership styles by MSME actors so that MSME performance can be improved and contribute to economic growth in Samosir Regency. The sample of this study amounted to 150 MSMEs with cluster random sampling technique. These MSMEs consist of two sub-districts, namely Tomok and Pangururan sub-districts, clustering MSME actors in the tourism sector, namely Accommodation, Restaurants, Entertainment, MSMEs in the field of Creative Products.  Data analysis techniques use quantitative descriptive using SEMPLS. The results of the study found that the use of digitalization has not optimally had an impact on MSME performance but was able to significantly affect the competitive strategy seen from the use of digital platforms in the marketing process and facilitate transactions so as to provide good competitiveness to improve the tourism sector. MSME actors in the tourism sector in Samosir Regency have not been able to implement a transformational leadership style that directly affects their business performance, this can be seen from the role of the owner is still unable to adapt to changes that occur, especially in the tourism sector. And the application of competitive strategies, namely product strategy, price and distribution is a factor that has a positive and significant influence on the performance of MSMEs.




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Nainggolan, N. T., Lie, D., Nainggolan, L. E., & Halim, F. (2024). Anteseden of Competitive Strategy and Implications for Improving MSMEs’ Performance. Proceeding of the International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research for Sustainable Innovation, 1(1), 425–430. Retrieved from