Analysis of User Satisfaction Index of Clean Water Providers by PDAM in Bireuen Regency


  • Muhammad Alghifari Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia
  • Cut Zukhrina Oktaviani Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia
  • Eldina Fatimah Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia


PDAM Tirta Krueng Peusangan is a Regional Drinking Water Company located in Bireuen Regency which has duties and obligations in the process of organizing, processing, providing, and providing clean water services which are required to always be able to make improvements in the field of service as an effort to provide satisfaction to its customers. Based on the 2021 BUMD performance report, it was found that PDAM Krueng Peusangan was in the healthy category, but the 2014 RISPAM stated that there were still many water leaks. Therefore the purpose of this study was to analyze the level of customer satisfaction with the provision of clean water provided by PDAM Tirta Krueng Peusangan. The research was conducted by distributing questionnaires to respondents who are customers of PDAM Tirta Krueng Peusangan, Bireuen Regency. Customer satisfaction was assessed using the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) method. The results obtained are that customers are very satisfied with the services provided with a percentage of 93%.




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Alghifari, M., Oktaviani, C. Z., & Fatimah, E. (2024). Analysis of User Satisfaction Index of Clean Water Providers by PDAM in Bireuen Regency. Proceeding of the International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research for Sustainable Innovation, 1(1), 382–389. Retrieved from