Development of Communication Skills through Interactive Game-Based Learning: A Qualitative Study


  • Lidia Djuhardi Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Nur Idaman Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Syariffudin Gassing Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Sri Ekowati Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Supradaka Supradaka Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Eka Desy Asgawanti Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I


Communication Skills; Game-Based Learning; Interactive Communication


This research is about developing students' communication skills through interactive game-based learning. This method of learning is carried out in relation to the problems that lecturers often complain about in the learning process, namely the lack of student involvement during the learning process in the classroom, as is done at the Politeknik Negeri Media Kreatif Jakarta campus. The creativity of the lecturers at the Politeknik Negeri Jakarta campus in creating games for learning that are different for each meeting and giving rewards for each learning is unique.  This research aims to determine the communication development that takes place in students following the implementation of interactive game-based learning.  The research methodology used a qualitative approach with a case study as the research analysis. Researchers specifically conducted this study on one English class due to its communication challenges. For this reason, the research informants consisted of one lecturer and three students who were involved in learning in the English class. The results showed that interactive game-based learning that had been applied to students was able to develop student's communication skills, especially those related to students' emotional factors, such as being more courageous, motivated, active, and enthusiastic, which in turn improved students' interactive communication skills with lecturers during English learning, such as speaking skills, pronunciation, vocabulary, mastery, and increased understanding.


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