Going Back to The Past: Critical Perspectives on Colonialism of Urban Kampung Sanitation in Jakarta


  • Euis Puspita Dewi Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Siti Sujatini Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Sri Astuti Indriyati Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Azkiya Nisa Universitas Indonesia
  • Fitri Suryani Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Dwi Dinariana Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Henni Henni Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I


Batavia, Colonial, Introspection, Jakarta, Urban Kampung, Sanitation


This article aims to conduct a critical introspection on the influence of colonial heritage on sanitation space and infrastructure in Jakarta's Kampungs, highlighting how the colonial past has shaped and continues to influence urban planning and living conditions in kampong areas. Through a critical lens, this research explores how colonial practices in sanitation and housing management impact the social and physical structure of Kampungs, as well as how these legacies survive and transform in the context of Jakarta's current urbanization and modernization.


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