A Bibliometric Review of Studies On Palm Oil Industry Life Cycle Assessment Research


  • Riri Nasirly Institut Teknologi Perkebunan Pelalawan Indonesia
  • Sukendi Sukendi University of Riau
  • Fitra Lestari Universitas Islam Negeri Sultan Syarif Kasim of Riau
  • Ridwan Manda Putra University of Riau


Life Cycle Assessment, Palm Oil Industry, Bibliometrics Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Sustainability


As the Palm Oil Industry develops, expectations regarding sustainability principles will increase in the future. Issues related to the environment are important nowadays. Life Cycle Assessment is a method that can be used as a sustainability matrix. This paper summarizes publications on the development of Life Cycle Assessment in the palm oil industry from 2000 to 2024. The aim is to find out the current issues and determine the development trend. Bibliometrics with the Scopus database and VOSviewer were used to analyze 330 selected articles. The analysis included co-authorship, co-word usage, and co-citation patterns. The results showed that based on the visualization of the selected articles, there are future research opportunities and trends. The results of this study can assist researchers in gaining a complete understanding of the current state of the research environment and in identifying future directions of development in the domain


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