Analysis of Biogas Purification Reactor at Manggar Balikpapan Landfill


  • Indah Prihatiningtyas Mulawarman University
  • Eko Heryadi Mulawarman University
  • Aji Ery Burhandenny Mulawarman University
  • Edhi Sarwono Mulawarman University
  • Annisha Febriyanti Mevhia Putri Mulawarman University
  • Dinny Putri Antary Imuly Mulawarman University


Biogas, Impurities Gases, Landfill, Manggar Balikpapan, Purification Reactor


Biogas is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source that can be produced from various organic wastes It’s an alternative energy that can be developed in Indonesia. The main product of biogas is used for fuel and also for power generation. It should be noted that the gas produced as a result of the anaerobic digestion process contains not only methane, but also carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, and impurities like hydrogen gas. These impurities gases must be treated by purification to separate a pure chemical component from a chemical component that is not used. This study uses a chemical absorption method with NaOH solution to determine the performance of the purification reactor on biogas located at the Manggar Final Disposal Site in Balikpapan with a variation of time ratio. The conclusion obtained that the biogas purification reactor at the Manggar Landfill functions properly and efficiently to reduce the impurities gases and the methane could be used as a substitute for LPG. This biogas purification reactor also should be tested further to optimize the performance of the reactor.


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