Land Disputes Due to Two Certificate Title on the Same of Land in Indonesia


  • Listyowati Sumanto Faculty of Law, Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia



There are many land disputes, including cases of the certificate of title cancellation due to claims by other parties. The purpose of the research is to present an overview of the legal consequences if there are two land titles certificates on the same plot of land, causing legal uncertainty and uncertainty over land rights in Indonesia. This research uses the normative legal research method, descriptive, all of the data analyzed qualitatively. The resulting research that a certificate of title is a person's record of their land rights, which is issued by the National Land Agency to the person entitled to it. Certificate title has strong evidence of land rights regarding the physical and juridical data contained therein, as long as the data is in accordance with the data contained in the measurement letter and the land book (register) therein, which cannot be proven otherwise by other parties. Consequently, there are land disputes because there are two certificates on the same plot of land for several reasons. This research is restricted to land disputes on the certificate title to discuss. I argue that in the future, the National Land Agency should be responsible for changing its administrative management system. This research is limited to land disputes to the certificate title for discussion, and it is realized that it can be corrected in the future. This research contains research uniqueness.


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