Utilization of Reservoir Proxy Model for Development Strategy Optimization of Combined Steam Flooding & Cyclic Steam Stimulation for Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery


  • Boni Swadesi
  • Suranto Suranto
  • Indah Widiyaningsih
  • Aditya Kurniawan
  • Ratna Widyaningsih
  • Agung Budiarto
  • Martrida Jani




combined cyclic steam stimulation-steam flooding, proxy model, heavy oil reservoir


Steam flooding (SF) and Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) are thermal recovery methods that had been proven to improve oil recovery from heavy oil reservoir. Our previous work shows that the combination of CSS and SF give the better result than solely CSS or SF. However, the optimum operating parameter of this combination is yet to be determined. Our current work aims to determine the optimum development scenario of a combined CSS-SF applied to X-Field, a heavy oil field located in Sumatera, Indonesia. A polynomial proxy model is developed to evaluate the objective function, by running several simulations for the field subsurface model using CMG- STARS simulator and CMOS to assist multiple simulations. Optimum development scenario is obtained through maximization of objective function. This work shows that the combination of proxy model development and optimization results in best scenario of combined CSS-SF for heavy oil recovery in X-Field.

Author Biography

Boni Swadesi



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