Yields Components Of Some Sweet Corn Line (Zea Mays Var. Saccharata Sturt) Generation S-4


  • Bambang Supriyanta
  • Dwi Lestari
  • Danar Wicaksono
  • Andiko Suryo Putrotomo




Inbred Line, Sweet Corn, Corn Downy Mildew


One of the efforts to get varieties of good quality sweet corn plants yield is through a plant breeding program. Plant breeding is an effort to find downy mildew resistant sweet corn variety with high yield component. This research was aimed to evaluate resistances and yield components of 9 inbred lines of S-4 generation of sweet corn. It was conducted in 2020 in the experimental garden, Faculty of Agriculture, UPN Veteran Yogyakarta. The research used a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. The treatments were 9 inbred lines sweet corn S-4 generation that consisted of SB 1-1, SB 1-3, SB 1-4, SB 1-6, SB 2-1, SB 2-2, KD 1-1, KD 1-3 and 50 / 4-2B. The results showed SB 1-3 has the greatest growth performance, high productivity, and 15% disease incidence. However, SB 1-3 did not have early flower development. The fastest tassel and ear development perform by SB 2-1 with 15% disease incidence. The sweetest line showed by SB 2-2, SB 1-4, and SB 1-6 with 6%, 9%, and 21% disease incidence sequentially. The lowest disease incidence was 50/4-2B (1%).


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