Gladiolus Plants As An Alternative To Agro-Ecotourism


  • Ari Wijayani Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta
  • Rina Srilestari Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta



agro-ecotourism, regional arrangement, gladioli plant


The arrangement of the area becomes an attractive tourist attraction for tourists while building the economy of the community so that more needs to be done by designing a village into a tourist location.  The local community is also encouraged to participate in tourism in its area by more creative in reading business opportunities that are able to benefit themselves and the citizens as a whole so that it will create a socially, economically independent society and always maintain the sustainability of local culture by optimizing the utilization of existing resources. The arrangement of the area needs to be done thoroughly in bandungan village, including lodging for tourists who intend to intern. Flower planting needs to be done continuously and continuously so that tourists who only visit for a moment to take pictures can be served and feel at home lingering in tourist locations.


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