Web-Based Information System Analysis Of DIY Women’s Career Success Facing COVID-19


  • Paryati Paryati Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta




Web, Multimedia, Multiple Linear Regression, SPSS


Every human being must be good at managing time and activities based on the priority scale of work, especially for women who have dual roles as housewives and career women. At this time the opportunity for women to have a career is open and the same as that of men, there have been many women occupying equal positions with men, both as workers and at the leadership level. The data collection technique used a questionnaire. This study analyzes the data using multiple regression analysis techniques in order to see whether there is any influence between the independent variables and the dependent variable. Data processing uses the latest version of the SPSS program for windows, which is an application program that has high statistical analysis capabilities and a data management system in a graphical environment using descriptive menus and dialog boxes. The software that supports this application is Adobe Flash CS3, Action script, and Dreamweaver. The system development methodology used is multimedia with the stages of concept, design, material collecting, assembly, testing. This application aims to be used as a medium of information and learning for people and users who need this information system effectively and efficiently because all data is processed accurately. The results showed that competence, personal relationships, hard work, and noble values had a positive effect on women's career success, while time management had a negative effect on the success of career women. It was evident that the competency variable was the variable that had the dominant influence on women's career success. R = 0.534, meaning that there is a relationship between time management, hard work, noble values, competence, and personal relationships to women's career success. R Square 0.285, meaning that time management, hard work, noble values, competence, and personal relationships have an influence on women's career success by 0.285 or 28.5%, and the rest is influenced by other factors of 0.715 or 71.5%.


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